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Silhouette PMU Training

SilhouetteS represents a group of techniques in permanent makeup which have been developed by Sviatoslav Otchenash and which are taught at the AcademyS. These techniques cover Micropigmentation of the eyebrows, lips, and eyelids and their aim is enhancing the client’s natural look that could have deteriorated due to age, certain diseases, the presence of scars, and similar.


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Permanent makeup treatment can also be used to emphasize the client’s best features or, simply, to save their time which they spend every day on a mundane task of applying makeup. No matter if the eyes, lips, or brows are being done, our goal is to teach our students that for the best result not only the client’s wish is important – what also matters is the artist’s professional opinion on what will fit the client best.

By using sterile and disposable equipment, the best quality pigments are injected under the top layer of the skin. The immediate result of the treatment is usually not so representative: in the beginning, the color will appear darker because of the pigment which was placed in the epidermal layer. As the skin regenerates, this upper layer of the epidermis will shed and it will be replaced with new cells. As a consequence, the pigmented area will appear brighter than it was at first place.

With pleasure, we inform you that it is the education with our new Silhouette Tool you are going to receive as the part of our new starter kit that is richer and more equipped comparing to the older one. As the part of the new starter kit, you are going to receive all the material that is necessary for work and practice:


Introduction, theory (problems regarding skin, reflection of pigments, post-treatment flow depending on the type of the skin and factors that can influence on the pigment and its durability etc.), introduction with hygienic standards, drawing of the shape of the eyebrow as well as the hair strokes on latex, digital determination of the symmetry of the eyebrows.Work on a live model under our supervision.


Drawing of the eyebrows is as the nail work the skill in major part and it is not enough just to visit, listen, and watch. The point is to practice, practice and practice. The training is just a beginning step in the introduction with the Microblading technique because the skill of eyebrow drawing is built during the long period of practice.


AcademyS by Sviatoslav Otchenash is a new project which offers the highest standards in terms of product and equipment quality as well as the unique system of online studying and support through the CraftMaster application.

This project is a result of more than 10 years of active work in fields of the beauty industry and PMU, constant development and experimenting with only one goal – to create an innovative approach which will give the ultimate beauty experience to end users.

To learn more about Sviatoslav Otchenash and other AcademyS programs, you can visit Academy-S.


Basic course represents six-day training which includes three basic SilhouetteS techniques – Magic Shading, Classic Eyeliner, and Aquarelle Lips.

Students acquire theoretical knowledge about the skin, hygiene and all other topics relevant to permanent make-up. Also, by working on models students get a unique opportunity to put the gained knowledge into practice.

After applying for training, students receive a Starter kit for Basic course in which the most important work and practice equipment are contained. In addition, students get a six-month access to the CraftMaster application where they will submit pictures of their works to their CraftMaster and where they will gradually progress, level by level. If they manage to successfully pass all levels, students obtain the Certificate and the Artist title.

Starter Kit for Basic course can be with or without the MachineS (optional).

Starter Kit without MachineS includes:


AcademyS Machine 1 pc
AcademyS Cartridge 1 pc
SilhouetteS pigment 5 pcs
AcademyS pencil 2 pcs
SeptiS wipes 20 pcs
Tattoo wipes 40 pcs
AfterCare Selection 5*6 30 pcs
Latex 3 pcs

SilhouetteS pigment 5 pcs
AcademyS pencil 2 pcs
SeptiS wipes 20 pcs
Tatto wipes 40 pcs
AfterCare Selection 5+5+10 20 pcs
Latex 3 pcs






Copy of AcademySPigments
Copy of AntiScarsInstaFeed001
Copy of BrownPigmentsInstaFeed001
Copy of CreamSExtremeProtectInstaFeed001
Copy of CreamSDryHealInstaFeed001
Copy of InstagramAcademySHolder
Copy of DryHealInstaFeed001
Copy of InstagramCreamS
Copy of InstagramAcademySHolder002
Copy of MachineS
Copy of InstagramStoryFollowAcademyS001
Copy of MAchineSInstaFeed002
Copy of MachineSInstaFeed001
Copy of MagicBlackInstaFeed002
Copy of MagicBlackInstaFeed001
Copy of MagicLinerSInstaFeed001
Copy of MagicLinerS
Copy of MarkerPenS
Copy of MagicLinerSInstaFeed002





Craft Master is an online IOS and Android application which is designed to train students to become professional beauty artists.

Craft Master is an online IOS and Android application for e-learning processes. It is a unique and new concept of teaching for different online courses in Micro blading, permanent makeup and beauty industry.

Key benefits from learning with the Craft Master application are:

  • Saving traveling costs
  • Saving your precious time
  • Practicing whenever and wherever you want
  • Obtaining precise and dedicated guidance from a supervising master

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