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What are BreezyBrows?

Nowadays, BreezyBrows microblading technique is the latest beauty trend. BreezyBrows treatment is a permanent makeup technique that creates airy and careless eyebrow effect which gives your eyebrows a natural look with little bit untidy appearance. 

BreezyBrows is a Microblading technique which is high in Fashion and beauty world. Even in every cat walk shows or fashion events we can see models are adopting BreezyBrows for more natural effects. In order to Learn BreezyBrows an artist should be experienced in Microblading.

                  BreezyBrows Perfection Course   


BreezyBrows Perfection training is available for artists who want to learn a new technique and improve skills. There is no need to be a PhiBrows student or artist for taking the course. But it is necessary to have previous experiences with microblading. The course is not designed for beginners without any experience.



    • It is currently at the highest fashion point
    • Fastest way to expand your services and grow your income


    • 1 day of live training with theoretical and practical part
    • 3 months of learning through Craft Master mobile application with professional monitoring.


    PHI Academy is an initiative taken by a team of educationists which is focused on creating valuable education for all. PHI Academy is an umbrella for various educational activities that aims to provide appropriate education to all. Bricks and mortar do not an institution make. But they do provide a basic foundation for the wings to elevate. Providing the students and professionals with all what they require is an utmost priority at PHI. Also, Infrastructure is their to enable the entrants have the necessary and sufficient tools, so that they make the best piece of art for themselves, is taken care.


    BreezyBrows Perfection course includes 1 das of live training with theoretical and practical part and 3 months of learning through Craft Master mobile application with professional monitoring.


    In One Day Training You will Learn:

    Theoretical part:

    • how was BreezyBrows invented
    • for who is BreezyBrows
    • hygiene & skin
    • differences between microblading & BreezyBrows
    • necessary equipment for work
    • how to work with machine
    • Eyebrows Breezy Shape
    • Tips from Master for marketing

    Practical part on latex:

    • new strokes pattern ( Sine 3, SPine 6, MID Spine, Upper Spine )
    • 2 types of BreezyBrows technique
    • work with machine

    Practical part on live model:

    During this part, students will work on live model. Students will be monitored by Master who is open to all their questions and provides advice.

    After finishing the live one day training student will have access to the 3-month support through CRAFT MASTER application.


    This application contains an explanation of the technique and instructional latex videos, and live model videos that show the step by step of the process in great detail in English.


    The application contains 12 levels and each student has to successfully past them to gain the certificate of successful finish a course and logo BreezyBrows.


    For gaining the certificate is necessary to gain these skills:

    1. Practice – drawing the form of the brows, unique stroke pattern, machine work on the latex
    2. Drawing the form and symmetry draw on live models
    3. Complete treatment on the live model



    Craft Master is an online IOS and Android application which is designed to train students to become professional beauty artists.

    Craft Master is an online IOS and Android application for e-learning processes. It is a unique and new concept of teaching for different online courses in Micro blading, permanent makeup and beauty industry.

    Key benefits from learning with the Craft Master application are:

    • Saving traveling costs
    • Saving your precious time
    • Practicing whenever and wherever you want
    • Obtaining precise and dedicated guidance from a supervising master

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